NFL TV Maps for Week 12


The NFL TV Maps for Week 12. The Seattle Seahawks are playing in the only afternoon game on CBS, which means that chances are good the game will be on in your area.

With three Thanksgiving games this week, the NFL TV Maps are quite monochromatic this week. There are two fewer games on Sunday than there normally would be in a given week.

If you’re looking for the Seahawks game, don’t worry it’ll be on in your area. Well, unless you live in the bay area. Then you’re in the one part of country that will be left looking for another way to watch the game.

The morning games are a mixed bag. Oakland-Tennessee is hardy interesting. The Titans are a bad team, and Oakland has cooled after their good start.

The other game being shown in the Seattle area is of tremendous interest to Seahawks fans. Atlanta and Minnesota are the two teams that currently hold the NFC Wild Card spots. One will lost, which gives Seattle a chance to make up some ground.

CBS Early

CBS Late

Fox (one game)

Before I forget, I need to make sure to include my weekly shout out to 506 Sports. They’re the ones that do all the work creating these maps. Clicking that link and sending them some traffic would be much appreciated.

They also have all the college games listed, which makes it a resource if you want know what channel games are on.