Seahawks vs Vikings: 5 takeaways from Seattle’s big win

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The Seattle Seahawks blew out the Minnesota Vikings, and look like they’re ready for another run at the Super Bowl. 

There are so many good things that happened today for the Seattle Seahawks. They blew out a division leading Minnesota Vikings team 38-7 on the road, so there were positive things happening all over the field for Seattle.

Here are five of many possible takeaways from today’s huge win:

1. The swagger is back!

Too many times this season the Seahawks have looked passive. This has been especially true on defense. Too often there’s been no energy from the Seahawks, and it has shown in the results.

That absolutely wasn’t the case today. The Seahawks were the aggressors on both sides of the ball. They imposed their will on the Vikings, and the results were spectacular.

This is the best Seattle’s looked in a long time. The NFL better take notice. The Seahawks are for real again.

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