The tiniest Seahawks fan needs your help


Please join us in giving the tiniest Seahawks fan the help that she needs. 

Let me tell you a story.

If you’re a Seahawks fan on twitter, then you are probably familiar with Anthony May (@antmay). He’s a passionate 12 who represents the fanbase well. He’s also an amazing guy.

Ant is a talented photographer who has been lucky enough to be credentialed for a few Seahawks games. I’ll include a few tweets with his Seahawks pics thought this story.

But this isn’t a story about Ant. It is a story about his daughter.

On November 24th 2015 (less than two weeks ago), Baby Alex joined the world. For her, that was just the beginning of her troubles.

Alex as born three months early. There were complications with the pregnancy, and getting her out was her only chance to survive.

She was only 1 pound 1.2 ounces. She couldn’t breath on her own yet, and couldn’t swallow milk. She was so premature that she needed medication to help close a shunt so her heart could do its job.

Much has changed in the last 12 days. There are still complications, but Alex continues to get stronger.

Alex is a miracle, there’s no other way to put it. She’s a survivor, but she still needs help surviving.

She is also going to be hospitalized and in the ICU for months. She required around the clock care, and that isn’t cheap.

Her hospital stay will also span the new year. That will allow the insurance company to push a lot more of the cost onto the family.

That is where al of us come in. Please CLICK HERE and donate to help cover part of Baby Alex’s medical bills. Anything, even a single dollar, is appreciated. If you can’t donate, then help by sharing the campaign on Facebook and twitter to get the word out.

As my wife put it: “There isn’t a better embodiment of the Christmas spirit that helping a baby in need.”

Besides, this is a Seahawks fan we’re talking about. She might be the smallest Seahawks fan in the world. That has to count for something.