Russell Wilson is getting no respect


Russell Wilson is having another good season, but the team’s struggles are keeping him from getting Pro Bowl votes.

Russell Wilson gets no respect.

He was a 3rd round pick despite 1st round talent just because of his height.

He get constant bashing from national analysts because they insist that only statue QBs can win in the NFL (even though Wilson has already won a Super Bowl with Seattle.

He still carries the “game manager” label, and there are many people who insist that he isn’t among the top 10-15 QBs in the NFL.

Now there’s this:

Maybe we should call him Rodney Wilson, or perhaps Russell Dangerfield.

The narrative on Wilson is that he hasn’t played well this season. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s how Wilson’s number stack up against the rest of the NFL:

  • 3rd in QB rating
  • 2nd in completion percent
  • 3rd in yards per attempt
  • 5th in passes over 20 yards
  • 2nd in QB rushing yards
  • 3rd in yards per run (1st among QBs)

He’s also had to play behind arguably the worst pass-blocking offensive line for most of the season, and was throwing to the worst collection of receivers in NFL history. Ok, that last receiver part was a lie, but the O-line part was true for the first 8 games.

The Seahawks are the NFL hottest team, and Russell Wilson is a massive part of that. What he’s doing right now without standout talents like Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham, and Paul Richardson is truly impressive.

The Seahawks just put up 38 and 39 points against a pair of teams that should make the playoffs. They’ve rebounded from a slow start to be the one team no one wants to face when the postseason begins.

It is time for Wilson to get some Pro-Bowl respect. It is time for 12s to come out in force and vote for their franchise quarterback. (And a few other players as well.)

You can do so by clicking HERE and filling out an official online ballot.

Do it for Rodney Wilson. (Or for Russell Dangerfield. Whatever)