The best play from the Seahawks and Vikings Game


Today let’s take a look at the best play from the Seahawks and Vikings Game.  I know what you’re thinking; there were so many great plays how can you possibly pick just one?  Well just like in previous weeks, I know I’ve got a tough job and I revel in it.

Initially after watching the game I figured the best play from the Seahawks and Vikings game had to be in the first quarter when the game was still competitive.  Upon watching the game a second time I realized that it actually occurred in the second quarter.

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Directly after the Seahawks reeled off a 98 yard drive to score a touchdown the Vikings were answering with a drive of their own.  The score was 14-0 with only 1:21 remaining in the first half.  The Vikings had an opportunity here; if they were able to put any points on the board before halftime, they were set to receive the second half kick off as well, giving them back-to-back drives to possibly tie the score.

As the Vikings were driving they ended up on their own 32 yard line looking at a 2nd down and 4 yards to go.  Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater lines up under center with Jerick McKinnon behind him as the single back.  Tight end Kyle Rudolph goes into motion behind Bridgewater, who receives the snap and takes a seven step drop.  Bridgewater steps up into the pocket and throws the ball to his left in the direction of Stefon Diggs.  Bridgewater’s pass sails high and Diggs tries to make the catch but only gets the tips of his fingers on it.

Earl Thomas watches this unfold in front of him.  The Seahawks safety was in perfect position to make the interception until Diggs tipped the ball, then Thomas made maybe the most amazing split second adjustment I’ve seen all season.  He was able to adjust to the tipped pass, moving slightly to his right and rolling as he hauled in the interception.  Thomas, who was untouched, got up and started sprinting down field returning the ball for 25 yards.  As he was brought down, by Diggs, a penalty flag was thrown for an atrocious face mask penalty.  The face mask moved the ball from the 35 yard line to the 20 yard line and setup a beautiful one play drive in which Wilson fires to Baldwin for a touchdown to finish the half.

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This play shows the resurgence of the Seahawks defense and the Legion of Boom as we make a final push towards the playoffs.  I’m looking forward to watching the remaining games of the season while the Seahawks are peaking.  Go Hawks!