Seahawks to face Jimmy Clausen… again?


In a weird twist of fate, the Seattle Seahawks may face quarterback Jimmy Clausen again, this time with the Ravens.

The Seattle Seahawks could do something on Sunday that has only happened six times in the entire history of the NFL. They could face the same starting QB a second time in the same season, with two different teams.

That QB would be Jimmy Clausen. He was the starter for the Bears back in Week 3. Now it is looking like he’ll be the starter for Ravens this Sunday.

Clausen aught to be having nightmares by now. His start against Seattle earlier in the season went less than ideal.

Claussen threw for just 63 yard, and his Bears were shut out 26-0. Keep in mind that this was the early-season Seahawks that barely had an offense and that was giving up big plays with regularity.

Now he’ll have to face the late-season Seahawks that are dominating teams in the playoff hunt. I’m sure he’s excited in a “how long does it take to file retirement papers” sort of way.

If the Seahawks shut out the Ravens, it’ll be the first time in any of these “one QB, two teams” scenarios where the QB wasn’t able to manage a single point.

Clausen won’t say it out loud, but he is likely praying that Matt Schaub recovers in time to play this week.

Yes, that Matt Schaub. The one that Richard Sherman scored on a pick-6 to help the Seahawks begin the run that ended with a Super Bowl championship. It is the same Matt Schaub that have thrown a pick-6 in six of his last nine starts, including all three this season.

Yep, that aught to go well for Baltimore.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter for Seattle. Whether it’s Schaub’s pick-six-ing it up or Clausen’s general ineptness, the Seahawks should win this game easily.