Twitter reacts to Russell Wilson’s butt-pic


Russell Wilson’s exposed posterior was accidentally filmed this week. Twitter found out, and the ensuing meltdown was hilarious. 

The interesting thing about having cameras for locker room interviews is that you never know what will be accidentally filmed in the background. That was the case this week, when an interview with Cliff Avril turned out to be much more revealing than was ever intended.

For those of you lucky enough to have missed this, here is what everyone is talking about:

Wait, Cliff Avril was in that pic too?

He was probably talking about Wilson’s butt, so it’s cool.

Did anyone tell Mike Pettine?

Tis the season for butt-pics… or something…

We’re only two months away from spring training Meg, but I’m sure you know that.

This makes me wonder if publishing this will get me in trouble. (Probably not, but there is a chance.)

And finally there is this one from the guy who started this entire crazy morning of fun.

Obvious, it is probably a good idea to log off from twitter for the rest of the day.