NFL TV Maps for Week 15


This week’s NFL TV Maps show the Seattle Seahawks on Fox in the late time slot, though most of the nation isn’t getting the game. 

The Seattle Seahawks host the Cleveland Brown this week in a crucial game for in Seattle’s quest for the No. 5 seed in the playoffs. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that the game won’t be on for fans that live outside of the Pacific Northwest.

The Seattle area only gets two games this week because of the annoying 2-and-1 rule. Since the Seahawks’ game is on the network with only one game, the other network isn’t allowed to show a game in the area. It is an archaic rule, and one that the NFL needs to get rid of.

Because of this, the marquee game this week aren’t being shown in the Seattle area. Denver-Pittsburgh should be a great game between two team jostling for playoff seeding. It should be highly entertaining, but no one in the area will get to watch it.

Lets face it, the morning slate of games on CBS is mostly terrible. The Titans are going to get blown out by the Patriots. The same is true for Baltimore. They have no chance against the red-hot Chiefs.

Indianapolis-Houston is compelling in that it is between two teams that have a shot to win that division. It is also a game between two teams that are below .500 and could be playing their third-string QB.

CBS Early

CBS Late

Fox (One Game)

As I do every week, I must give a huge thanks to the good people at 506 Sports. They’re the ones that do all the work to put the maps together. The work they do is awesome, and not something that I am capable of reproducing.