Seahawks vs Browns: By the numbers


The statistics point to the Seattle Seahawks winning a blowout over the Cleveland Browns. 

Looking at the numbers, there’s nothing to suggest that the Seattle Seahawks won’t win this one in a blowout. Seattle is simply better in all aspects of the game.

It is difficult to pick one area where Seattle’s advantage is the largest. Seattle is good at practically everything, and the Browns are bad at almost everything.

Oddly, the Browns are good on third down. They don’t run the ball well. They don’t pass the ball well, but somehow they’re able to extend drives. They don’t turn those drive into points, but they do extend them.

This game sets up for Russell Wilson to have a career game through the air. Seattle’s offense is really clicking through the air, and the Browns have the worst pass defense they’ll see all year.

That’ll be huge for Seattle as they try and figure out their running game without Marshawn Lynch and Thomas Rawls. Christine Michael and Bryce Brown are the runners now. Both were not with the team a week ago.

Obviously, the Seahawks’ biggest concern here will be to show up. They must bring the same energy they’ve had the last few weeks. If Seattle comes ready to play, this game won’t be close.

Offensive Ranks

5thTotals Yards21th
 19thPassing Yards11th
2ndYard per pass16th
1stRushing yards30th
7thYards per rush26th
4th3rd down rate6th

Defensive Ranks

2ndTotals Yards26th
6thPassing Yards22nd
10thYard per pass31st
2ndRushing yards22nd
4thYards per rush28th
2nd3rd down rate15th

*All stats taken from ESPN.