Seahawks bring back Chris Clemons: How he fits


This is not an April fools joke, or at least we think it isn’t. The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms with defensive end Chris Clemons. The former Seahawk is a Seahawk once again.

Clemons’ fit with Seattle is an interesting one. He isn’t the same dominant pass rusher he was back in 2012. The Seahawks also have greatly changed their defensive line scheme since Clemons left.

Clemons is now a guy that is only a situational pass rusher. He’ll come in on third downs and get after the QB, but isn’t likely to play more than 20 snaps per game.

Seattle also already has two starters in their prime, and two young and promising backups already on the roster. The Seahawks will also likely grab another one in the draft. That makes it tough to say that Clemons’ spot on the roster is anything but precarious.

And ultimately, that might be the point. Clemons is coming off a bad year in Jacksonville. If he can shine in the preseason, then he can land on an NFL roster after cuts are made, even if it isn’t in Seattle.

For the Seahawks, they get injury insurance at an important position. If they lose one of the guys in the preseason who are believed to be locks to make the roster, then Clemons will be there to pick up the slack.

He’s also a guy they know and trust. Clemons is a veteran leader that will provide stability and help the young players develop. This is certainly a win-win situation for both the player and the team.

Of course, being that it is April 1st, it was only fitting that the news be accompanied with some humor.

"What is chris Clemons’ weight at? Perhaps the Seahawks are converting him to offensive line."

No matter what happens, it’l be good to see Clemons back in training camp in Fall.