Breaking: Tarvaris Jackson arrested in gun incident


Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was arrested today for allegedly pulling a gun on his wife.

Perhaps there is more to the Seattle Seahawks waiting to re-sign Tarvaris Jackson than we thought. According to a report from Chris Hush of WESH, Jackson was arrested today for allegedly pulling on a gun on his wife.

The Seahawks were open about their desire to bring back Jackson to be Russell Wilson’s backup early in the offseason, but that topic has gone cold in recently weeks. Part of that has been the emergence of Trevone Boykin, but most of it has been the lack of progress in contract negotiations.

Now the Seahawks will be watching and waiting. Any negotiations that might have been going on will certainly be placed on the back burner while facts are collected.

The 33 year old Jackson is already at the tail end of his career. If there is any truth to these allegations, his time in the NFL has almost certainly come to an end.

For the Seahawks, this development drastically reduces their options at QB this season. If Boykin stumbles in the preseason and proves that he isn’t ready, the Seahawks will be without a fallback option.

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None of that really matters right now. What is truly important is that Jackson’s wife is safe and that situation that led to this has been concluded. Everything else will play out in the legal system, which is a far different game than anything Jackson saw in the NFL.