Seahawks: Projected 2016 starters and the next man up

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“Next man up” is the philosophy and calling card of any good football team. The Seattle Seahawks are no exception to that, and they’ve repeatedly relied on their depth in recent years.

After a rough start, the Seattle Seahawks rebounded in 2015 to make the playoffs once again. It was a season marked by the injuries of many key players, and the contributions by backups that made their late-season run possible.

The team’s depth will be tested once again in 2016. The Seahawks lost some big names in the offseason, leaving them with many new faces that must be assimilated onto the roster. Plus, injuries will always be a massive part of any NFL season.

Take an objective look at the Seahawks’ roster and you’ll see that the championship core is still intact. The defense that has led the NFL in scoring for four consecutive seasons is still as talented as ever. The offense also still has quarterback Russell Wilson and all those talented weapons.

The roster also has its share of question marks. There are a lot of young and unproven players that enter 2016 with great expectations being forced upon them. When injuries happen, as the always do, who will be ready to rise to the challenge. Who will be Seattle’s “next man up?”

It is time to go through the roster, position by position and project who the starters will be, and who will be waiting in the wings in case they are needed.

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