Seahawks: 5 (surprising) players I’m excited to see play on Saturday

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While I’m excited to see Seahawks finally take the field on Saturday for their first preseason game, here are five surprising players I’m especially excited to watch.

This Saturday, the Seattle Seahawks take the field for their first game since losing in the playoffs in January. It might only be a preseason game, but I’ll take any chance to see our favorite team back in action.

While the chance to watch any Seahawks football is exciting, there area few players I’m more excited to see than others. Given that it is preseason, those players just happen to be mostly backups and roster bubble guys. It is all about finding guys that look like they are about to break out and earn a spot on the roster.

So here’s my list of five guys I can’t wait to see in action on Saturday:

1. Justin Britt

I’m not sure anyone has been more critical than me of the Seahawks’ decision to hand Britt the starting job at center without a true competition. He was terrible last season at guard, and center is undeniably a more difficult position.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Britt has looked decent thus far in camp. He’s been getting the line calls right and been reasonably good at snapping the ball. As long as the team doesn’t ask him to block nose tackles 1-on-1, there’s reason to believe he won’t be completely awful out there.

I’m still extremely skeptical, but we might as well see how he looks out there again live defenders. If Britt can hold his own against Dontari Poe and the KC defensive line, then it’ll be a good sign that he’ll be ready to play by the start of the season.

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