Seahawks breakout players for 2018 – yes, that is 2018.

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 Seahawks rookie Shaquill Griffin will complete the true LOB

That’s right, I said it. I don’t think that’s an overstatement, either. Chancellor, Earl Thomas III and Richard Sherman will all still be in Seattle in 2018. They’ll all still be monsters, too. But the LOB hasn’t really had that fourth shutdown member since Brandon Browner left in 2014.

They will now. Jeremy Lane is a fine player. But he wasn’t able to beat out DeShawn Shead, and is really better suited for the nickel package, covering the slot receivers. Griffin is bigger and faster than Lane. He may not have the starting job against Aaron Rodgers – I mean, come on, he’s a rookie – but by midseason, I expect the spot opposite Sherman will be his.

So why won’t he be a breakout star in 2017? Like I said, he’s a rookie. Even Richard Sherman only got 10 starts in his rookie season. Chancellor didn’t get a single start his rookie year. Earl Thomas started 15 games in his rookie year, but come on, the guy is a legit freak. But not even Thomas made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Of the four original members of the Legion of Boom, only Browner made the Pro Bowl or was named an All-Pro his rookie year.

But the other three original members all either made the Pro Bowl or were named an All-Pro in their sophomore seasons. Griffin may not get the starting gig in week one. Like I said, Aaron Rodgers is a tough assignment for anyone, let alone a rookie. And by the time Griffin will be ready, Shead should (hopefully) return to the field. Despite all that, at the very least I expect Griffin to make a lot of key plays this year. Those opportunities will only increase as we get closer to the playoffs. We’ve got our eye on you, Shaq.