Seahawks first round pick: Best possible LOB options

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Derwin James, Florida State

James is the safety that Mel Kiper Jr. thought the Seahawks should take in his first mock draft of 2018. James resembles Kam Chancellor. If Chancellor were to retire, James seems like the younger version.

Walter Football says, “James fits as a strong safety who is a tough eighth defender in the box.” Which sounds exactly like Chancellor, right?

One problem is that Seattle took Delano Hill last year to be Chancellor’s replacement. Have the Seahawks given up on Hill so quickly? The other issue may be that if Seattle keeps the number 18 pick, James will probably be taken before he can get to Seattle’ slot.

Ronnie Harrison, Alabama

Harrison is another Chancellor-type player. I think if Seattle does take a safety with their first pick, that player will be more Kam-like than the Earl Thomas-type. And Harrison is a physical strong safety who can punish running backs.

At 6’3″ and 220 pounds, he, like James, looks like Chancellor. His issue, though, is that he does not have strong coverage skills man-to-man.

Terrell Edmunds, Virginia Tech

Another strong safety, Edmunds replacing Chancellor would be a bit poetic. Both were Hokies. Plus, watching Edmunds on Saturdays is a bit like watching Chancellor on Sundays. Edmunds hits hard and Seattle still wants a strong safety who can put fear in opponents.

Justin Reid, Stanford

The only drawback to Reid is that he doesn’t fit the Chancellor mold or the Thomas one. He is inbetween both. But he doesn’t have Chancellor’s size or Thomas’s speed. What he does do well, however, is everything. He can cover and tackle.

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Reid is the younger brother of San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid. Eric is a free agent. Might the Seahawks sign Eric and draft Justin? Anything is a possibility.