Inside Linebackers: Seahawks draft prospects, post combine


Inside Linebackers prospects for the Seahawks, post combine

With Bobby Wagner firmly entrenched as Seattle’s starting inside linebacker, the need isn’t as high here.  However, depth at linebacker is always a positive.  Linebackers generally form the core of the special teams unit, and a versatile linebacker who can play in the middle or the outside frees up a roster spot for other positions.

Inside Linebackers

Josey Jewell – 6’1″ – 234 lbs. – 4.83 sec. 40 – 4.27 sec. 20 yard – Iowa

Josey looked like a natural going through the bags during drills.  His head was forward, and showed no wasted movement.   He also bent well at the knees.  Toward the end in the shed drill he did look at the bags, but it didn’t hinder his movement.  For a middle linebacker prospect, he showed nice hips, opened up really well.  Stays naturally low.  Never raises up in his stance.  Mirrored well, but didn’t get a ton of depth in his drop.  This is a football player more than an athlete.  Reminds me of AJ Klein.  I like Jewell a lot.  He is versatile enough and athletically gifted.  He could play on the outside in a pinch too.

Nick DeLuca – 6’3″ – 251 lbs. – 4.85 sec. 40 – 4.23 sec. 20 yard – North Dakota State

I really like this kid, DeLuca reminds me of Heath Farwell.  He may not be a starting middle linebacker, but he is a guy who will be a special teams ace that when given a chance can produce on the field as well.  Definitely an instinctive goal line thumper.   Not a great athlete, showing tight hips and a little slow as well, but he will be a player the coaching staff won’t let go of.

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Micah Kiser – 6’1″ – 238 lbs. – 4.67 sec. 40 – 4.24 sec. 20 yard – Virginia

He isn’t as athletically gifted as some of the others, but you can see he is technically sound.  Kiser wins with instincts more than total skill set.  Nice movement, again not overly athletic and fast, but he was fluid and smooth in all of the drills.  Looks like he could end up a tackling machine at middle linebacker.  Not sure he is a three down linebacker though.

Jacob Pugh – 6’3″ – 246 lbs. – 4.66 sec. 40 – DNP 20 yard – Florida State

Pugh wasn’t highly productive this season, but he looked good going through the drills.  Didn’t really do anything to impress, just didn’t look bad either.  This is a guy who is a backup linebacker day 1, and probably stays there.  He is good enough to come in and not hurt you when your starter comes out though.  That isn’t a bad thing.  Low end, career back up.  High end, capable starter.

Kenny Young
PASADENA, CA – SEPTEMBER 30: Kenny Young #42 and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner #91 of the UCLA Bruins celebrate a tackle of Phillip Lindsay #23 of the Colorado Buffaloes during the first half of a game at the Rose Bowl on September 30, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

Kenny Young – 6’1″ – 236 lbs. – 4.60 sec. 40 – 4.48 sec. 20 yard – UCLA

I was really surprised by Young.  He looked like the most athletic of all inside linebackers, but his 20 yard times were very slow.  He did need some refinement, his feet came together too much in lateral movement.  I did like his plant and fire through coming forward.    Also performed well in the mirror drill.  He could play on the outside.  I like Young, he will contribute right away as a special teams player with room for more.

Christian Sam – 6’1″ – 244 lbs. – 4.76 sec. 40 – 4.25 sec. 20 yard – Arizona State

A little stiff in lateral movement during the follow drill.  Stiff hips throughout the day, except during the mirror drill where he opened his hips surprisingly well.  Caught the ball well too.  Feels like a guy who needs to become a special teams ace to make it.

Tegray Scales – 6’1″ – 230 lbs. – 4.78 sec. 40 – DNP 20 yard – Indiana

I wanted to see this guy.  He was a tackling machine in college, but he didn’t participate in the drills.  He left with a hamstring injury.  More than the other linebackers, it looks like the pro day will be his day of reckoning.

Azeem Victor – 6’2″ – 240 lbs. – 4.73 sec. 40 – 4.40 sec. 20 yard – Washington

Victor looked natural in the follow drill.  Hips stayed even and in control.  Lateral movement and back pedal looked smooth, but got a little high toward the end.  He is a little tight hipped, feels like an old school 2 down linebacker.  You could hear the coaches say that Victor had a perfect rep in the mirror drill.  That is impressive.  This guy had a great 2016, and followed it up with a terrible 2017.  Primarily for off the field reasons.  I like the football player, I just wonder which guy are you going to get?