Earl Thomas says “I want to be a Seahawk” and that’s very good news


With all the departures the Seahawks have had lately, any glimmer of hope has to be taken as good news. Earl Thomas saying he wants to be a Seahawk is very good news indeed.

Earl Thomas has made a few headlines in the past few months. And that’s putting it mildly. When you tell an opposing coach, “Come get me,” people will write about it. So it isn’t too surprising that Thomas felt he needed to address the 12s on the issue.

He did just that via Twitter. Earl Thomas begins his statement with, “Hold on everyone. Let’s not get it confused I want to be a Seahawk.”

Click on the tweet itself to see his note in its entirety. What matters is that Earl Thomas makes it clear that he loves the Seahawks. He and his family love living in Seattle. Thomas makes a point to mention how positive his relationship with owner Paul Allen is. Not exactly what you hear from players in Houston, is it?

Just so you have it all, here are the few lines missing from the tweet:

"[a book he wrote that gave me] inspiration and a new out look on what I was capable of with  just using my imagination. .Growing up in this organization as a young 20 year old I’ve learned so much from Pete I’ve had [the honor to be coached]"

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So clearly Earl Thomas also has a lot of respect and gratitude for Pete Carroll. Does this sound like a statement from a man who can’t wait to get out of town and play for a new team? Not to me, it doesn’t. Despite that whole thing about Earl Thomas and some other team’s coach. I wasn’t that concerned about it then, and I’m certainly not concerned about it now.

Other than the fact that Thomas has made it as clear as he can that he wants to stay with Seattle, there’s the little matter of what the Seahawks want for Earl. Virtually every source describe’s the price for Thomas a first and third round pick, plus a player depending on the where those picks fall within the round.

Earl Thomas isn’t getting traded anyway

I think Earl Thomas is the best safety in the league, and is clearly worth that, if not more. It’s also clear that no GM sees that value as remotely correct. Jarvis Landry was traded to the Browns for a fourth and seventh round pick. Landry isn’t in the class of Thomas, but he does have 400 catches in his first four years. And that’s mostly with Ryan Tannehill on the other end. Ugh.

Aqib Talib was traded for a fifth round pick. I’m sure you remember Michael Bennett was traded for a receiver with five career catches and jump in draft position from the seventh to the fifth round. The Seahawks are not getting anything close to a first and third round pick for Earl Thomas. So he might just as well be happy.