Seahawks offensive line will instantly improve under Mike Solari

The Seahawks needed to make some changes this offseason. One of them was the coach of the offensive line. And Mike Solari brings experience to make Seattle better.

Tom Cable ultimately failed in Seattle. The Seahawks offensive lines of recent seasons were almost always ranked neared the bottom of the NFL. Maybe this was Cable’s fault and maybe not. But Mike Solari will make the line better.

Under Cable, Seattle spent a bunch of draft capital on offensive linemen. Between the years of 2011-2017, Seattle drafted more offensive linemen than any other team. Maybe these guys were not all first round draft picks, but Seattle still chose them thinking they had potential.

And sure, maybe the Seahawks asked Cable to turn far too many tight ends into offensive linemen, but Cable did not really do so successfully. And Cable never got a drafted linemen to get a second contract in Seattle.

Left tackle Duane Brown, though, has already noticed a difference in the personnel. On Monday after OTAs, Brown said he can tell Germain Ifedi could be better. Brown has been a Pro Bowl player. Ifedi has simply been an underperforming former first-round pick. And the difference in Ifedi’s practice performance is Solari, according to Brown.

According to Brown

(Ifedi) is a guy that is going to benefit a great deal from Mike. Just polishing up his technique more. He has all the tools – big, athletic guy, great length – so just trusting things and having good technique, I think he’s going to be great.

And Ifedi is really the key. He has the size and strength to be a good NFL player. But his penalties, whether holding or false starts, were ridiculous. He was easily the most penalized offensive lineman in the NFL in 2017. If Solari can find a way to fix Ifedi, that will go a long way towards fixing the entire line.

One cannot really judge Solari’s last two years with the New York Giants as how good of a line coach he is. He had very little talent to work with. But theoretically, the Seahawks could start a line with three first round draft picks and two second rounders. Cable might not have done much with this. But 12s can hope Solari does.