With Bobby Wagner out the Bears just got tougher for the Seahawks

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 08: Bobby Wagner (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 08: Bobby Wagner (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks were already battling the injury bug this season. Thing just got a lot tougher with Bobby Wagner out for Monday’s tilt against the Bears.

The injuries are really starting to mount for the Seattle Seahawks. Byron Maxwell was the presumed starting right corner, and he’s out via injured reserve. Linebacker K.J. Wright will miss his second straight game, and there’s no definite time for his return. So of course it was time for Seattle to lose the best linebacker in the game, Bobby Wagner. At least for one game.

Wagner’s injury status was reported by Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio KJR. From this, it sounds like Wagner should be fine by week three. That huge whistling wind you just heard was the collective sigh of relief of the 12s. With all the turnover on this team, the Seahawks can’t afford for Wagner to miss any time.

That isn’t all the bad news, by the way. Doug Baldwin will miss the Chicago game too. At least Seattle is deeper at wide receiver than they are at linebacker. By now you should know the Seahawks signed former Eagles (and briefly Browns) linebacker Mychal Kendricks. The man can definitely play some football.

Kendricks can help, but how much?

Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks /

Seattle Seahawks

The problem is Kendricks just signed Thursday. I suppose you could look at it this way, though. Seattle plays Monday night instead of Sunday afternoon. So Kendricks will have almost 50 percent more practice and study time! He still isn’t going to be ready to handle the bulk of the snaps, though.

The loss of Wagner is huge for the team. The Bears offense didn’t exactly look stellar against the Packers in their first game. Jordan Howard ran well, but quarterback Mitch Trubisky was just average. He didn’t do anything to lose the game for Chicago, but he didn’t win it for them, either.

Case in point: the Bears were just one of four in the red zone last week. With Bobby Wagner out, Trubisky could suddenly look much better in crunch time. And you can expect Jordan and running mate Tarik Cohen to find a little more space if they can get past Seattle’s line.

Both Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril lost their careers to injury before this season even started. I suppose the way things began in 2018, 12s should expect an endless round of injuries. At this point, I believe the only defensive player at 100 percent is Earl Thomas. Hmmm…maybe there is something to sitting out the preseason after all.