Seahawks seem to assume Doug Baldwin is retiring

The Seahawks can’t and won’t come straight out and say they believe Doug Baldwin is retiring. But Seattle’s actions point towards their assumption he will.

Doug Baldwin has been a great receiver with the Seahawks. He has made Russell Wilson a better quarterback. Without Baldwin, Seattle would not have been nearly as successful over the last decade as they have been. All of these things are obvious. What also appears to be getting more clearer all the time is the fact that Baldwin will never play with Seattle again.

Baldwin suffered several injuries last season and required several surgeries this offseason to try to overcome those injuries. It could be that Baldwin just doesn’t want to give up his body and health for the rest of his life for football. He has made a lot of money and is a smart guy and has probably invested said money so it makes him even more money later in life.

It could also be that Baldwin was really good friends with Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas and others and those players are now gone. Possibly, Baldwin just doesn’t like playing in Seattle anymore.

Either way, the Seahawks appear to be making moves to move on from Baldwin. Seattle took three receivers in the 2019 NFL Draft, D.K. Metcalf, Gary Jennings and John Ursua. The Seahawks are also taking a peek at some free agent receivers. Terrelle Pryor visited Seattle on Tuesday, for instance.

All this Seattle activity surrounding receivers isn’t just based on the fact Seattle had a need for a good third option there. One can safely assume Baldwin’s final season with the Seahawks was 2018. Most likely, Seattle won’t have Baldwin officially off the roster until after June 2nd. This way Seattle will save cap money. Losing Baldwin isn’t great, but saving his $10 million a year is.