Seahawks D.K. Metcalf or Gary Jennings: Who is better in 2019

The Seahawks have a lot of young receivers. Who will be the better of two receivers Seattle took in the 2019 NFL Draft, Gary Jennings or D.K. Metcalf this season?

Clearly, the Seahawks wanted more speed at receiver. Seattle, of course, already had Tyler Lockett who can fly, but other than Lockett, Seattle’s receivers are a bit more plodding. Jaron Brown is bigger but not fast. Seattle tried to fix their speed issue at wideout by taking Gary Jennings and D.K. Metcalf in this year’s draft.

Before the draft, there was a lot of discussion about the combine that Metcalf had. He was big and strong and really fast. Metcalf ran something like a 2 second 40-yard dash. (I made that last number up.) It seemed like Metcalf might go in the first half of the first round. But he didn’t. Teams were concerned with Metcalf’s route running ability, among other things.

Jennings had much less talk around his raw athletic abilities. Still, he had the fastest time at the Senior Bowl. He is fast too, although not quite Metcalf fast. Jennings, though, has a more developed route tree and was extremely productive in the slot his final year in college.

Here is the thing, I don’t think Jennings is the better receiver. That is to be determined. Metcalf, if he devotes himself to learning his trade, has the physical tools to be great. Jennings has the raw ability to be very good. And that is if both receivers reach their potential.

In their careers, Jennings might be better. It could be that he has a more limited top-end potential but knows enough about how to run routes and catch the ball which sustains him for a good 10 year career.

Metcalf, of course, has the physical skill to be Odell Beckham, Jr. But Beckham has worked at his craft and taken his ridiculous skill to catch the ball and turned it into a more polished route runner that quarterbacks can rely on. Metcalf still needs to show he can catch easy passes all the time and not just some of the time.

So between Jennings or Metcalf, who is better for the Seahawks in 2019? I think it is Jennings. With the retirement of Doug Baldwin, Seattle needs a slot receiver. Lockett will play that role a lot this season, but Jennings will too. Jennings will make more of his opportunities in 2019 than Metcalf will. But I could easily be wrong.