says Seahawks could be Super Bowl contender

Do not be worried, Seahawks fans. You are not the only entity to think Seattle could be a Super Bowl contender in 2019. thinks it too.

The Seahawks have a good team. Even better, they have excellent management. And that management keeps the team from being mediocre. Pete Carroll is a great coach and John Schneider is a great general manager. 12s aren’t the only ones who think it. does too and Carroll and Schneider are two reasons the site thinks Seattle could contend in 2019.

On Thursday, had an article that said NFL observers should not “sleep” on Seattle this coming season. Sure, Seattle lost Doug Baldwin to injury for the rest of his career and Frank Clark left in free agency. But Seattle worked to replace both this offseason and did a good job doing it. lists three items Seattle needs to accomplish to be really good. One is beating the Rams once. That one is a given, of course, and the Seahawks played the Rams close twice in 2018. Still, for Seattle’s confidence they need to defeat Los Angeles.

The second point, according to, is for Seattle to make the playoffs. This one seems pretty obvious. If a team wants to make the Super Bowl, they have to first make the postseason.

The last thing Seattle needs to do to be good in 2019 is “make a serious run.” Seattle has been known under Pete Carroll for being really good in the second halves of a season, 2017 notwithstanding. Carroll makes teams better and the sign of a great coach is that his team’s generally improve as a given season proceeds. The Seahawks do this with Carroll.

So let’s hope is correct and Seattle doesn’t take a step back in 2019 after exceeding expectations in 2018. Seattle could actually have seen a short dip in 2017 on their way to make the Super Bowl again in 2019 or 2020.