The Seahawks have one of the best triplets in the NFL

According to, the Seahawks have one of the best group of “triplets” in the NFL. That is good but which three players are they talking about?

First of all, let me say I am glad not to be a fan of the Miami Dolphins. They seem to stink as far as having three really good offensive players. According to Ali Bhanpuri of, the Dolphins have the worst group of “triplets” in the NFL. But I am a Seahawks fan, of course. And Bhanpuri thinks Seattle’s “triplets” are pretty good.

Bhanpuri ranks NFL triplets as the best combination of quarterback and running back and receiver. But which Seattle trio did Bhanpuri use for his ranking? That would be Russell Wilson (of course), Chris Carson (thankfully not Rashaad Penny) and Tyler Lockett (not Doug Baldwin). Bhanpuri ranked each position individually and then used those rankings to combine into the best trio.

Among NFC West teams, the Seahawks have the second best trio in the division. The 49ers are 27th, the Cardinals are 20th and the Rams are 8th. Los Angeles is just two spots ahead of Seattle. San Francisco’s ranking might be a bit off, however, as Jimmy Garoppolo might be really good this year and Tevin Coleman is better than the 27th best running back in the NFL. That is where Bhanpuri ranks Coleman.

The Cardinals have an atrocious offensive line so their trio of Kyler Murray/David Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald might be hamstrung by that. Plus, Fitzgerald has to start digressing at some point, right? And who knows how good Murray really will be.

The Rams trio of Jared Goff/Todd Gurley/Brandin Cooks is good. But the Patriots showed in the Super Bowl that they are not unstoppable. Plus, Goff seems incapable of leading his team to greatness by himself.

This is unlike Russell Wilson who at times has been the only real difference maker on a Seattle offense that has scored points. Put Wilson on the Rams team of last year and they win the Super Bowl. But put Goff on the Seattle team of 2018 and the Seahawks don’t make the playoffs.

Even Bhanpuri himself states, “I wish my self-imposed point system resulted in a higher overall ranking for Wilson.” He has Wilson as the 8th best quarterback in the NFL. Wilson isn’t. He is better than that. But teamed with Carson and Lockett, among others, Seattle will get back to the playoffs in 2019 and do some damage.