Seahawks training camp: So D.K. Metcalf is really good

With or without pads, Seahawks rookie D.K. Metcalf is impressing in training camp. Now he just needs to be good against other teams when real games begin.

It is easier for an NFL rookie to be impressive when there is no contact happening to him and there are no pads. I will admit I had my doubts about Seahawks 2019 draftee D.K. Metcalf once the pads went on in training camp. And things might still change once opposing teams get to hit Metcalf. But so far in camp. Metcalf has been incredible.

On Tuesday, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson targeted Metcalf twice on the final drive of practice. Metcalf not only caught the two passes but on the final one he went low to catch the ball over the middle and then outran everyone else and scored a touchdown. Pads were on today. That didn’t slow Metcalf.

Every day since training camp began Metcalf has done one or five things to make people say, “Wow!” Of course, Metcalf is a ridiculous physical specimen. The issues when he was drafted were his lack of route knowledge, his sometimes-drops and the fact he was injured last year. In the NFL Combine, Metcalf had numbers nearly any other player ever would be jealous of. So Metcalf might still not put up great numbers this year.

Still, so far Metcalf has outpaced what was expected of him in OTAs and in training camp. Metcalf is fast and large and has shown good hands. I am still not expecting Metcalf to get 1,000 yards receiving in 2019 and score 10 touchdowns. Expecting that from a rookie receiver is expecting too much.

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That said, Metcalf has already overcome lots of what some non-believers expected from him in camp. He’s been good. Very good. Wilson said a few days ago Metcalf has the raw talent to be a Hall of Famer. I have never doubted Wilson, so I have no reason to start now. Metcalf will be great for the Seahawks.


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