Predicting the Seahawks starting offensive line in 2020

The Seahawks most likely will see some changes to their 2020 offensive line due to free agency this offseason. But who might start for Seattle next season?

The Seahawks know they will have left tackle Duane Brown starting for them in 2020. Probably right guard D.J. Fluker too. The rest, however, is a bit of a mystery. Seattle has three free agents they need to make a decision on whether to try to re-sign or not. Plus, center Joey Hunt is a restricted free agent.

So what might a Seahawks offensive line look like in next season? Here is my best current guess.

Left tackle, Duane Brown

Brown remains one of the better tackles in the NFL. He is 34 years old, however, so how much time he has left to play at a high level remains to be seen. And in 2019, he dealt with injuries that he tried to play through for the last half of the year. Still, he missed four games in the regular season and another in the playoffs. Russell Wilson rightfully trusts Brown to keep him clean and a Seattle line long-term without Brown is not a good one.

Left guard, Jamarco Jones

Jones played tackle most of his life but then last year was asked to play guard with injuries to Mike Iupati and Jones played well enough to probably earn a good chance to start in 2020. Hopefully, an offseason of working on the particulars of the position will only make him better. This would mean Iupati leaves via free agency.

Center, Justin Britt

I almost went with Joey Hunt here. Not because I think Hunt is better than Britt, but that Britt could potentially be a roster cut due to his salary and being injured last year. Hunt himself is a restricted free agent, but I think no matter what he sticks with the Seahawks. Britt fits the Seahawks plan, though. He is a road grader and is feisty. I like that. So does Seattle.

Right guard, D.J. Fluker

Fluker is still under contract, and an affordable one, and still is a good run blocker. Is he the best right guard in the league? No. Not even close. But like Britt, Fluker can be a feisty one and Pete Carroll likes that. If you ever doubt that Fluker puts the team first, then that should be the last doubt you ever have.

Right tackle. Germain Ifedi

Hello, 12s. I understand Ifedi is a free agent and able to sign with whatever team he wants as Seattle did not pick up his fifth-year option. But there is something to be said for consistency along an offensive line. Should Seattle re-sign Ifedi, and I am not sure how many takers there would be, then the Seahawks would retain four of their five starters from week one of 2018. That is a good thing.

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Is Ifedi great? No. Has he improved the last couple of seasons? Yes. And he stays healthy. In the last three seasons, he has missed one game. That is important and good enough for him to be re-signed by the Seahawks. If, and I mean IF, his contract is reasonable.

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