Seahawks third option at receiver in 2020 is easy: Re-sign Josh Gordon

While the Seahawks are still trying to find pass rushers, they need a good third receiver too. The answer is easy: Re-sign Josh Gordon.

Look, I get it. Josh Gordon has a history of messing up. He has been suspended like a million times. The likelihood he gets suspended again is great simply based on his past. But what if he stays clean? The Seahawks should take this chance and sign him once again for 2020.

Gordon played five games with the Seahawks in 2019. He was targeted just 11 times and caught 7 of them. But let me ask you this, dear 12. Have you ever seen someone who made catching the ball look so effortless? When he is on the field, Gordon is very good. Again, if he can stay clean, he will make the Seahawks passing game better.

Imagine this. Russell Wilson, who is great, would have the option to throw to 1) Tyler Lockett or 2) D.K. Metcalf or 3) Will Dissly or 4) Greg Olsen or 5) Josh Gordon. Pick your poison, defenses, because the Seahawks are going to score on you. That would be an immense amount of talent.

Gordon actually has one change in the Collective Bargaining Agreement going in his favor. In the past, if a player was caught with marijuana in their system, they could be suspended. But no more. If Gordon continues, as he allegedly has, to partake of the wicked weed, he can do so. Could it make him less effective on the field? Maybe. But he won’t be punished for it.

Last year when Gordon was suspended, it was due to performance-enhancing drugs along with what was probably marijuana. The NFL doesn’t release what the drugs specifically are that were found in one’s system. So assuming most of Gordon’s issues are marijuana-related, and while that still isn’t truly a good thing, he will keep playing. And Gordon can do things other humans can’t. Like this:

Gordon has said he intends on playing in 2020 if the NFL lifts his suspension. The NFL doesn’t like Josh Gordon and maybe they have good reasons and maybe they don’t. But the Seahawks took a chance on signing Gordon in 2019 and if he is released from NFL prison to play in 2020 hopefully he remembers that Seattle wanted to take a chance on him.

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There actually may not be many teams willing to take a risk with Gordon. But the Seahawks probably would. And if Gordon can play most of a full season and stay healthy and clean, he makes the Seahawks offense more dangerous. He shouldn’t be costly due to his history of suspensions, so the money isn’t an issue. Seattle needs to sign Josh Gordon. Again.




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