Seahawks 2020 opponents: Ranking easiest to hardest games

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With the Seahawks 2020 schedule announced on Thursday, there is no better time to rank Seattle’s games from easiest to most difficult.

The Seahawks are a pretty good team, but they play in a tough division. How tough? Well, Seattle has made the playoffs 8 of the 10 years since Pete Carroll became the head coach in 2010. But in four of those seasons, Seattle finished 2nd in the NFC West. That means there was a better team than them in their own house.

What I am trying to tell you is that while the Seahawks are a good team, though may have to fight to get to the playoffs. Every team in the NFC West is capable of beating Seattle and did so last year. Assuming Seattle can go 3-3 against their division and needs 10 games to make the playoffs, this means against the rest of their schedule they need to go 7-3. Doable, but difficult.

The Seahawks schedule was released on Thursday. In the first five games of 2020, Seattle will play three home games. And in the last five games of the year, Seattle will play home games. The issue for Seattle might come between weeks 7 and 12 when they play four of their six games on the road and that includes games against the Bills, Rams and Eagles.

Which opponents might be most difficult for Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and company this coming season though? Here is a list of who the Seahawks will play and a ranking of which opponents might give Seattle the hardest time from easiest to hardest.

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