Seahawks news you may have missed from week 2 of May

You probably have heard about the arrest of cornerback Quinton Dunbar but what other Seahawks news might you have missed from the second week of May?

Seahawks news. 12s want it and want to good news. Last week 12s got some bad news, at least temporarily bad. Seahawks fans learned that offseason acquisition Quinton Dunbar was charged with armed robbery. Dunbar might yet be exonerated of any charges, but 12s wait and see if that happens.

Besides Dunbar’s issue, though, what other Seahawks news might you have missed? Here are a few items.

Seahawks re-sign Geno Smith to backup Russell Wilson

On Thursday when the news was breaking about Dunbar’s arrest, Seattle announced that they had re-signed 2019 backup Smith. Russell Wilson has had a bit of a rotation behind him over the years. Geno Smith‘s re-signing means Wilson will have the same backup in consecutive seasons for the first time in a few years.

Smith is a fitting backup to Wilson as he has starting experience in the NFL. Smith also throws a fairly decent deep ball and has some mobility. Plus, he can run the same kind of offense that Wilson does, although with less effectiveness. Smith made $805,000 in 2019 and while his 2020 numbers haven’t been announced, I would imagine he probably is making something around that same number.

Mychal Kendricks has his sentencing hearing post postponed…again

Former Seahawks linebacker Kendricks, at least former for now and maybe forever, plead guilty for insider trading in September 2018. He has had his sentencing hearing scheduled and then postponed many times since then. Kendricks seems unlikely to serve any jail time as his co-defendant, Damilare Sonoiki, only received three-year probation.

Still, the constant postponing of sentencing has probably affected Kendricks’ career as many teams would be afraid to sign him not knowing whether he would actually have to serve jail time or not.

Seahawks news: In non-news, Seattle doesn’t trade for Myles Garrett

Proving that there isn’t a lot of breaking news, other than seemingly the arrests of players, in the NFL in the months of May and June, false rumors can almost become an actual news story. Last week some random person on Reddit stated that Seattle was going to trade K.J. Wright and a couple of draft picks to the Browns for edge rusher Myles Garrett. The “report” unsurprisingly turned out to be wrong.

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Such silly comments by a random person about Seattle getting an edge rusher does prove one thing, however. 12s are desperate for some Seahawks news that contains factual information that Seattle has done something to improve their pass rush in 2020. One can hope that still happens.


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