UDFA Chris Miller could be the next hidden gem for the Seahawks

The Seahawks are investing heavily in rebuilding a fast, and aggressive defense and hard-hitting DB Chris Miller is a living embodiment of the style of defense Seattle is trying to create.

Seattle has a history of finding gems late in the draft and through undrafted free agency. Think of Chris Carson, Poona Ford, and Doug Baldwin. Late in the draft is when the team’s scouting department really proves their value. Fortunately, Seattle is one of the best in the business in finding late-round gems. Chris Miller, a safety from Baylor, looks to be the next hidden gem for the Seahawks.

Miller is a phenomenal downhill tackler. His best work comes when tracking the ball at full speed. When you think of a downhill tackler, you think of a player that can provide some pop in his hit. Labeled as a ferocious hitter, Chris Miller will not disappoint.

In coverage, he displays very smooth footwork. His backpedal is patient, yet deliberate. He has loose hips and does well staying stride for stride with the receiver despite not being the fastest player. Watching his film from 2018 to 2019, it was clear his football IQ grew exponentially. He showed adept knowledge of the opposing players and displayed solid route anticipation. Clearly, he is not afraid to study his opponents.

Due to his size (5’11”, 190lbs), his best bet to make a roster would be as a slot corner. He has the feistiness to compete with larger players, like tight ends, and won’t hesitate to lay the boom. His footwork and hips are smooth enough he should be able to stay stride by stride with slot receivers. He does have some experience playing cornerback as well.

What are some of Chris Miller’s intangibles that can help the Seahawks?

Going into the draft, some teams were wary of Miller due to what Lance Zierlein labeled as recklessness on the field. He is a downhill tackler, through and through. He loves to hit people and hit them hard. Sometimes it came at a price. Whether it be a missed tackle due to the angle taken or a penalty for targeting, he will need to reel in his on the field aggression to a certain extent.

Pete Carroll believes with the right mentality, any player could be a star. If Chris Miller can hone in his aggression, to avoid any unnecessary penalties, while simultaneously keeping the hit stick on full. The Seahawks may have stumbled across another diamond in the rough.

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Best Position: Slot corner