Seattle Seahawks: Stealing one player from every NFC North foe

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images /
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Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images /

In a world where we’re all dreaming about better tomorrows, taking a hypothetical look at players the Seahawks should steal seemed logical.

The world is a mess right now, and who knows what the future holds for the Seattle Seahawks. While the franchise’s prospects are promising heading into the 2020 NFL season, they could certainly be better. With that in mind, let’s continue imagining what them thieving players from other clubs would look like.

In these hypothetical scenarios, I’ll be examining the top options to poach from opponents within a specific division. I began this series by looking at which players to steal from their NFC West rivals and then targeted the NFC East. Now it’s time to go after the unsuspecting teams of the NFC North.

For the most part, these ones weren’t too difficult. I knew right away who was coming over from the Chicago Bears, and the Detroit Lions was a quick decision as well. The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings were slightly more tedious to determine, but the end results seemed solid.

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For a bit of context, I primarily focused on fixing the Seahawks’ current problems while assuming all four players I picked would be simultaneously added to the mix. The financial ramifications of stealing these players also wasn’t a concern. Football may be a team sport, but I can assure you adding these four stars would make Seattle a Super Bowl favorite in 2020.

Anyway…let’s cut to the chase. Here are the players I believe the Seahawks would steal from their NFC North foes if presented the opportunity.