Josh Gordon officially asks the NFL for reinstatement

Josh Gordon appeared to show he could be valuable to the Seahawks in 2019 but he was suspended again. He asked the NFL for reinstatement on Thursday.

Josh Gordon is a good football player. On the Seahawks in 2019, he was the third option at wideout for a short time. See, Josh Gordon doesn’t seem to have the ability to stay in the good graces of the NFL for very long and gets suspended a bunch. But after being suspended again last year, he asked the NFL for reinstatement on Thursday.

Gordon has been suspended five times for various drug offenses in his career. A lot of teams will stay away from signing him because they have no faith he can stay clean and a member in good standing of the team.

The Seahawks weren’t afraid to take a chance on Gordon in 2019 and probably won’t be afraid to do it again in 2020, if Gordon gets reinstated.

Josh Gordon probably would welcome being signed to Seattle. He has stayed in Seattle this offseason and been working out in Renton. For someone with the issues that Gordon seems to have, feeling at home in a place is important long-term. Gordon seems to feel at home in Seattle.

Josh Gordon’s potential with Seahawks

In five games in 2019 with the Seahawks, Gordon was targeted just 11 times. He caught 7 of those passes for 139 yards. Gordon is good. If he can stay on the field, he would take a good Seattle receiving group led by Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf and make them better.

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Again, if healthy and able to stay on the field, very few teams in the NFL would have a third option at wideout as good as the one the Seahawks would have in Josh Gordon. He likely will be inexpensive and be great on third down. But a full season of Lockett, Metcalf and Gordon would make Russell Wilson a very happy quarterback.




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