Seahawks position preview: Linebacker breakdowns, starters and cuts

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The Stars

Bobby Wagner

Age: 30

Contract: 4 years $54 million (2nd year)

2019 Stats: 159 tackles, 7 TFL, 3.0 sacks

Bobby Wagner enters the 2020 season still considered by most to be the best interior linebacker in the NFL (Luke Keuchly retiring makes this a much easier decision for some). He led the league in tackles last season but his PFF grade did dip some after his mythical 2018 where he only missed one tackle all season. For 2019 he had a PFF grade of 76.1, which is still very good but was not as impressive as 91.7 in 2018 which is insane. At some point, the now 30-year-old Wagner will not be the best inside linebacker in the league, but we know for sure going into 2020 Wagner will at least be one of the best, and probably will still be the best.

KJ Wright

Age: 31

Contract: 2 years $14 million (final year)

2019 Stats: 132 tackles, 5 TFL

Wright is heading into 2020 with some uncertainty about his health. He had offseason surgery but it was for a minor shoulder problem and with the lack of news about it, he seems to be fine for the start of the season. He is also heading into the final year of his contract, and what many believe to be his final year in Seattle. He has still been effective in his 30’s alongside Bobby Wagner, as in 2018 he scored a PFF grade of 70.2 and last season was at 62.1. Hopefully, his effective all-around game and amazing pass coverage for a linebacker continue into 2020.