Seahawks and Jets feud will be settled on the field in 2020

The Seahawks and Jets appear to be in a tiff. But thankfully for Seattle, the two teams play each other this coming season.

The wonder now is how the Seahawks and Jets ever got along long enough to pull off the Jamal Adams to Seattle trade. Since the trade, the teams have traded insults. But fortunately for Seattle, the two teams play each other in 2020. I say “fortunately” for the Seahawks because everyone knows Seattle is going to beat New York this year in week 14 at CenturyLink Field.

Last week, Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said that Jamal Adams might get bored with the Seahawks scheme because he won’t be featured as much. Doubtful is that Adams get bored. More likely is that he enjoys being on a winning team for once. The Jets haven’t had a winning season since 2015, which is before Adams began playing for them.

Williams has been a good defensive coach in his career, so I don’t want to say he is bad at his job. But Pete Carroll is better at his than Williams is at his own job. And Carroll responded to Williams’ comment by saying, “Well, let’s just pass it back: we don’t make as many mistakes as (Williams) does.” Ouch, Pete.

Seahawks and Jets relevance

Just for the record, the Jets haven’t been truly relevant since they last made the playoffs which was 2010. Russell Wilson probably remembers 2010 vividly as that was the last year he played for North Carolina State before transferring to Wisconsin for his senior year in college in 2011. The Jets have won one Super Bowl, so that equals the Seahawks. That’s where the similarities in the success of the two franchises end.

But the second New York franchise has been around since 1960. They won the Super Bowl for the 1968 season. In 60 years, they have made the playoffs 14 times, or 23 percent of the time. That’s a lot of suffering for Jets fans.

The Seahawks have been around since 1976. Seattle has made the playoffs 18 times. That means 42 percent of the time Seattle has made the playoffs. The most recent time Seattle was last in its division was 1996. Seattle has finished last in its division since 1976 seven times.

The Jets have finished last in their division since 1976 14 times. And that includes finishing last in the AFC East four times since 2014.

Gregg Williams implying that the Seahawks defensive scheme is simple is just stupid. No NFL, especially one as successful as the Seahawks have been since Pete Carroll became head coach in 2010, would consistently succeed with a predictable offense or defense. Sure, Seattle has had lots of defensive talent in the last 10 years, but Carroll has known how to use it. Just like Carroll will know how to involve Jamal Adams in 2020 and 2021.

One of the talented safeties that Seattle has had in the last 10 years, Kam Chancellor, weighed in on what Williams had to say on Twitter

The truth is that this will all be settled in week 14 of the 2020 season when the Jets travel to Seattle to play Jamal Adams and the Seahawks. Seattle has Russell Wilson and the Jets don’t. Let Gregg Williams worry about that.