5 things Seattle Seahawks need to fix in the bye week

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The Seahawks are 5-0 but need to fix these five things during the bye week.

Seattle is off to its best start in franchise history. The Seahawks are on a pace to obliterate the previous high in points scored in a season. Russell Wilson is cooking and the rest of the offense are the line chefs. Even though the Vikings had a perfect game-plan in week five and held Seattle scoreless in the first half, Seattle scored 27 points in the second half and won the game.

Seemingly, nothing can stop the Seahawks offense except for the Seahawks themselves. (More on that in just a bit.)

But what does Seattle need to fix during its one bye week of 2020 to be even better the rest of the season? Let’s start with number 5.

Keep Russell Wilson cleaner

What? Really? The offense line is playing better this year, right? Well, maybe, but still not good enough. So far this season, Russell Wilson has been sacked on 8.2 percent of his drop-backs, 25th in the NFL. This is better than in 2019, but 25th is still not acceptable.

In 2019, Seattle ranked 27th in quarterback-sacked percentage so 2020 isn’t a lot better. One of the issues is that in the last two games Wilson has reverted a bit back to holding on to the ball too long and taking sacks he shouldn’t.

This problem probably won’t be fixed this year. Wilson getting sacked more than other quarterbacks is probably just a by-product of the Seattle offense and will be in future years. But keeping Wilson upright and healthy needs to be a priority because without Wilson, Seattle finished last in the NFC West.

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