How the Seahawks will destroy the Cardinals – well, at least win

The Seahawks get their second crack at the Cardinals tonight. There isn’t much at stake, other than a potential-jump to the division lead.

The Seahawks get their second crack at the Cardinals tonight in a matchup of two of the league’s most exciting QBs. Yes, I said it, and I’m okay with admitting that. We all know Russell Wilson has been a bit on the skids lately. We’re all 12s here – obviously – but we also have to be honest. It’s not as if we’ve ignored Wilson’s struggles. But that’s okay; I, as all good and loyal 12s, have faith that he’ll bounce back. I think that starts tonight when Seattle destroys Arizona. Or barely squeaks out a last-second win; whatever works.

How can I possibly predict a big win for our beloved Seahawks? Well for starters, they’ll be totally amped, playing in the newly rechristened Lumen Field! Okay, not so much. But I do think Mr. Wilson will have an excellent game, his first in weeks. I know he looked great against the Niners, but they had about nine guys dress for the game. That just counts as a good game to me.

Listen, I know Number 3 played like a normal human the first time around versus Arizona. Or worse than that, with those three picks. So why am I confident the Seahawks will prevail tonight? I hate to be a sap, but it’s simply a matter of faith. DangeRuss has had rough patches before. I’ll define a rough patch as any game with a passer rating below 90. For Russell Wilson, that’s rough.

Russ is gonna cook

In 137 career games, he’s had just four stretches of starts with a passer rating under 90. Each of those lasted for just three games. His average passer rating in the following game after those debacles was 119.0. Now it’s true Russ could have two more rough outings in a row, according to his history, but I don’t believe he will. I see Russ as hitting his targets tonight. Hello Tyler Lockett, the guy everyone seems to be forgetting.

I know, I know. If wishes were horses, the Broncos would be good. Or something like that. All I care about is the Seahawks. And tonight, I picture things are going to be great. As I said, the Hawks will destroy the Cards. Or at least be good enough to get the W. Watch for Russ to break out, and Mr. Lockett to be the featured attraction. And, as always, go Hawks!