Seahawks now know their opponents for the 2021 season

These are the teams the Seahawks will play next season

The Seahawks will likely have a 17th opponent by the time the 2021 season starts. The worst kept secret in the NFL is that a game will be added to the schedule for next season. As it currently stands since Seattle won the NFC West this year, their scheduled opponents will be the NFC West teams twice, the NFC North teams, the AFC South teams and the NFC East champion, AFC North champion and NFC South champion.

The home and away schedule is set as well, just not the dates of the games. That will not be announced by the NFL until likely April.

At Lumen Field, the Seahawks will play the Cardinals, 49ers and Rams (each NFC West will host a home and away game, of course), the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars (possibly with rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence!), the New Orleans Saints (likely without a retired Drew Brees) and the Tennessee Titans.

Away games

Away from home, the Seahawks will play all the NFC West teams, of course, the Green Bay Packers (ew), the Minnesota Vikings (Russ has never lost to them), the Houston Texans (run the ball, Seattle!), the Indianapolis Colts (good defense) and the Washington Football Teams (another good defense).

Plus, there will probably be the 17th game against the Steelers. But don’t tell anyone because the NFL wants you to think that is a big secret that everyone already knows.

While Seattle’s schedule does look tough, every year is different from the previous one. When we started the 2020 season, who thought that everyone in the NFC East would finish with a losing record and the Seahawks would still lose to one of those teams? So you never really know what will happen from year to year or even week to week.