Seahawks versus Rams Wild Card: 3 bold predictions

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Here are three things that will happen when the Seahawks play the Rams in the Wild Card round.

The Seahawks won the NFC West by two games over the Los Angeles Rams and beat the Rams in week 16. In that game, Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goff broke his thumb. Seattle won 20-9 as the defense was great and the offense was not so much. But Seattle rarely beats the Rams so asking them to do it two times in three weeks by defeating them in the Wild Card game on Saturday might be tough.

Still, something about these Seahawks seems different. The defense is playing better than it has since 2015 after beginning the year as the worst in NFL history. But the offense is playing far worse. Still, the offense could suddenly start playing close to how it was playing in the first third of the season at any point and Russell Wilson can be great for long stretches.

But what will happen when Seattle plays Los Angeles on Saturday? The following three things.

Bold prediction number 3: Jared Goff will play

The Rams quarterback missed week 17 in the Rams defeat of the Arizona Cardinals. In his place was John Wolford. Wolford wasn’t bad but wasn’t out there creating lots of plays either. The Rams didn’t score an offensive touchdown.

Jared Goff is two weeks off having surgery on his thumb and functionally can play. The questions are how well and how well can he play with pain? At this point before the game, Seattle isn’t sure who is going to be the Rams quarterback but I bet it’s Goff.

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