Where Seahawks Russell Wilson ranks among NFC West quarterbacks

The Los Angeles Rams recently traded for Matthew Stafford. So where does the Seahawks Russell Wilson stand among quarterbacks in the NFC West now? Before I get into the ranking from four to one, it should be noted that the San Francisco 49ers might undergo a quarterback change of their own.

The 49ers will finish fourth on this list and that should not surprise anyone. San Francisco is the only team in the division with a question mark at the position. The rest of the teams are set at quarterback.

Where the Seahawks Russell Wilson rank in his own division

4. San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo is presumably the team’s starting quarterback in 2021. He is better than C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens and this is why Garoppolo starts. But that doesn’t say much when a player simply starts because he is better than the other options on his own team.

When the 49ers made a run to the Super Bowl in 2019, the team trusted him to throw 27 passes in the first two rounds of the playoffs. That says quite a lot. I think San Francisco either makes a trade before the season starts or drafts their long-term starter this year.

3. Matthew Stafford – Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford is a good quarterback and will likely be better in the Rams system after the Rams traded the Lions for him. But let’s not get overly nervous as 12s about Stafford being in LA. He has had just one season with a quarterback rating of better than 99.3 and has played in just three playoff games and has a QBR of just 87.8 in those games.

I do think Stafford might have his best season in 2021 with a better offensive line and better offensive coaching, but the reason I have him third in the division is while the Rams are better with Stafford than Jared Goff, just imagine how much they would be with Kyler Murray or Russell Wilson over Stafford.

2. Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray is really good, but I am not sure he will be as good as lots of people thought he would be. He got sacked a lot less in 2020 than 2019 (27 times last year compared to 48 times the year before) but his production wasn’t that much more. His QBR went from 87.4 in his rookie season to 94.3 last year.

Murray did account for 37 touchdowns in 2020 (26 passing and 11 running) but 13 of those came in the second half of the year meaning 24 came in the first half. Teams adjusted to what Murray was trying to do. In fact, in the final two games – both Cardinals losses – Murray accounted for zero touchdowns and Arizona missed the playoffs after starting the year 5-2. He’s not exactly a great quarterback yet.

1. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

There should be no doubt that Russell Wilson is still the best quarterback in the NFC West. He leads his team to the playoffs nearly every season, he has the second-highest quarterback rating of all-time for any quarterback with five or more seasons. And Wilson has more wins in his first nine years than any other quarterback in NFL history (98).

While Wilson and the Seahawks offense faded badly in the second half of 2020, Wilson still led all current NFC West quarterbacks in touchdown passes (40), combined touchdowns (42), QBR (105.1) and all this while being sacked once again way too much. 47 times, in fact. Wilson has complained about this this offseason and 2021 could be a turning point in the relationship between the Seahawks and Wilson but no matter what, he is still the best quarterback in his division.