How the 2021 schedule works out well for the Seahawks

The 2021 NFL schedule has now been released. The Seahawks face some tough teams in the first half of the season but the schedule works out well for Seattle by the end. Plus, the week 9 bye week comes nearly halfway through the season so no matter what, Seattle can do a re-set.

Look, the Seahawks schedule is not easy and it shouldn’t be. No series of NFL games should be simple. This is a 32-team league with great players and each game is different week to week. But what a team can expect from another team is different.

Before the bye week, Seattle will face the Colts, the Titans, the Saints, the 49ers and the Rams. Plus, the Vikings aren’t bad either. Maybe even the Jaguars will be better this season but Seattle should still be expected to beat them.

Seahawks second half of 2021 should be easier

But post bye week it overall should get better. In the first eight games, Seattle will face five 2020 playoff teams and one, the 49ers, that could have made it last year if not decimated with injuries. In the last nine games of the season (yes, 2021 is the first season with 17 games involved), the Seahawks will face four 2020 playoff teams.

Yes, Seattle will face the 49ers again, but they also play the Washington Football Team who really only made the playoffs last year because the rest of the NFC East was unbelievably awful. To me, that is a one-for-one trade=off between the 49ers and WFT so I will stick with the four actual playoff contenders.

Seattle will end the season with this stretch: At the Texans (a terrible team) in week 14, at the Rams (always a troubling team for Seattle) in week 15, at home in week  16 against the Bears, at home versus the Lions and finish in week 17 versus the Cardinals.

Seattle could easily go, if health provides, 4-1 against the last five teams they face. There is no reason that the Seahawks should not win double-digit games again in 2021, make the playoffs, and again, if health provides, make an extremely deep run in the postseason. 2021 could be a special season.