Julio Jones going to Titans best case scenario for Seahawks

Julio Jones has reportedly been traded to the Titans. The trade to an AFC team is the best-case scenario for the Seahawks. Basically, it’s the teams that didn’t get Julio Jones that make this a good thing for Seattle.

If Seattle were to face Julio Jones in the playoffs it would not be until the Super Bowl. Mind you, the Titans now have AJ Brown and Jones and Derrick Henry so offensively they are formidable. Seattle will get one of the first looks in the 2021 NFL season of any team at this as Seattle hosts Tennessee in week two on September 19th.

A week two loss would mean little to the Seahawks, if they did in fact lose. Seattle will still be trying to figure out its cornerbacks probably in the early part of the year and the Titans are going to have some physically large receivers that will be tough matchups. Still, Seattle has improved its pass rush so week two will be a fun matchup.

No Julio Jones for the Seahawks

But the teams that didn’t end up with Julio Jones include the Packers, Rams, 49ers, Cardinals or any of the other NFC rivals that have a chance at beating the Seahawks for a playoff spot. So basically how the NFC looked yesterday is what they look like next week and not adding Julio Jones does not disrupt the balance.

Seattle didn’t need Jones as it was. The Seahawks already have Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf who might already be better than Brown and an aging Jones anyway. Think Lockett and Metcalf won’t be extra-motivated heading into week two, think again.

But how would I feel if I was a Falcons fan? Not good. My team would have just traded Jones for a second round and later-round choice to a team that will likely make the playoffs and could make a deep run meaning that the second round choice is more like a third round choice. Seems like a waste to trade a great player just because the team was too lazy to try to get the player to buy back in.