Seahawks need to sign Geno Atkins in free agency

The Seahawks have done a great job by signing some really good players to fairly low-cost contracts this offseason. Geno Atkins needs to be the next one. Seattle shouldn’t be done with getting players who can pressure opposing quarterbacks and Atkins should still be able to do that.

I know the plan is for the Seahawks to move Poona Ford from one defensive tackle spot to Jarran Reed’s old spot in hopes that Ford will be able to supply interior pressure but after Ford, there are simply a lot of run stoppers on Seattle’s current roster.

Maybe Kerry Hyder and Aldon Smith play some on the interior of the line but Geno Atkins is a classic three-technique DT and simply because he was injured in 2020 does not mean his career is anywhere near over. He hopes to be cleared to play by July 1st.

Seahawks should spend cap space on acquiring Geno Atkins

Geno Atkins will be 33 years old when 2021 starts. He has made 8 Pro Bowls and made the Pro Bowl every year from 2014 to 2019. Even including Aaron Donald, no other defensive tackle has more quarterback hits than Atkins since he began his career in 2010 – 172.

But Atkins did have a huge drop in production in 2020 and this means he will have a huge drop in salary in 2021. Atkins was likely misused by the Bengals last year (the same way Cincinnati did Carlos Dunlap and more on that in a second) as he had no starts in 8 games and just one tackle. Atkins went from playing 66 percent or more of snaps every season to just 11 percent last year (only 20 percent if projected to a full season).

One thing that might entice Atkins to come to play for the Seahawks is to play next to Carlos Dunlap. The two were teammates in Cincinnati since both were drafted in 2010. Atkins knows what Dunlap likes to do on the field and vice versa. This would only help Atkins transition to a new team and help the Seahawks in 2021.

Atkins might also look for a team to join where he isn’t having to play 66 percent of snaps. This would help him be more productive and help his new team. The Seahawks seem like a perfect place for Atkins and install him as part of the rotation. Adding Atkins would make Seattle a better football team.