Seahawks news from the week: Some good and some not

The Seahawks minicamp ended this week but there were some positives. But injury concerns also popped up and that might affect the season. OK, yes. Russell Wilson nor Jamal Adams nor Bobby Wagner got hurt so you can take a deep breath. But future starters were, like center Pier-Olivier Lestage. More on that in a minute.

The Seahawks next stop in the preseason carousel starts on July 27th when training camp officially gets underway. This is a mandatory event and any player holding out at this point will risk not being able to be ready for the start of the 2021 season.

Seattle did see one extremely important player not partake in minicamp this week and that might be concerning. Or well, it might not.

Seahawks news for your Friday

Jamal Adams misses OTAs

Not-breaking news: Jamal Adams, the Seahawks great safety, missed workouts this week. This could be cause for concern as Adams is entering a walk year and Seattle has to find a way to re-sign him to make 2025 great. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Was he missing time because he was upset his contract had not already been extended?

The answer appears to be “no.” To give legitimacy to this is that while Adams did miss OTAs, there was no public squawking between team and player. It does appear that Adams was needing to deal with a family matter in Texas and Seattle said it was cool for him to miss minicamp. Per the Seattle Times, it also would not be surprising if Adams signed an extension for several more years before the start of this season.

Pier-Olivier Lestage undergoes the knife

No, Lestage is not a current starter on the Seahawks and is battling for a roster spot, but Lestage has recently had sports hernia surgery, per Pete Carroll. This is good and bad. That Seattle was good with Lestage having surgery at this point means they have already liked what they have seen and he has a spot on the team.

This also means that Seattle probably thinks Lestage is more of a long-term answer than a 2021 one. If he was a presumed starter in 2021, Seattle might have asked Lestage to hold off on the surgery.

Shane Waldron’s offense might be great

Per lots of different reports, the Seahawks offensive players, including Russell Wilson, like new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron’s scheme quite a bit. In fact, Tyler Lockett told the Seattle Times

I think with the offense Shane brings in, it gives us more freedom. More freedom to be able to be the receivers that we can be. We got free range to do a lot of stuff.

Moving Lockett around will be important in Waldron’s offense and create space for receivers like D.K. Metcalf. If Lockett thinks Waldron’s offense is good, that means it should be good for all of Russell Wilson and company.