Seattle Seahawks need to listen to Tyler Lockett on how to fix offense

The Seattle Seahawks suffered another loss in week 11, but they still had some solid performances. No one did more for Seattle than Tyler Lockett, especially after the game. I believe what he did after the contest was even more important than what he did on the field.

Another week, another loss. That is becoming all too familiar in Seattle this season. I can’t say everyone had a great game, but two players, in particular, stood out for me. I already mention Bryan Mone as the overachiever of the week.

When a guy quadruples his career sack totals in one game, it’s fair to say he overachieved. But for the MVP, I had to go in a different direction. In a  season of shockers, here’s another: I chose an offensive player for this week.

No, it wasn’t Russell Wilson, either. He’s having much more trouble than a surgically repaired broken finger or a few weeks of rust could ever cause. I’ll get back to number three soon enough. No, my most valuable player absolutely had to be the player who is still the Seahawks best weapon, the inimitable, undeniable, and incredible Tyler Lockett.

Seattle Seahawks need to listen to Tyler Lockett more

No, Lockett hasn’t exactly had a consistent year. He only caught two balls in each of the Seahawks losses to the Steelers, Saints, and Packers. Against Pittsburgh, he and Geno Smith couldn’t seem to get on the same page. Versus Green Bay, Wilson only completed four passes over 10 yards, committing more overthrows than Bolivian revolutionaries.

To the loyal Bolivian 12s, I’m not knocking your beautiful country, but there have been 23 attempted coups in the last 70 years. Who says you can’t learn something from a sports site?

Back to the amazing Tyler Lockett. For the most part, if the ball is within three yards of his deft digits, he’s bringing that football in. He did it again versus the Cardinals, corraling four of his five targets for 115 yards. It was Lockett’s fourth 100-yards game of 2021; he can’t be blamed that it wasn’t enough to bring the Seahawks the win, too.  For blame, you can look toward the Seattle sideline. And that brings me to the other reason I selected Lockett as my MVP.

In the Seahawks postgame presser, Lockett made a series of very interesting statements. If you missed his comments, you can listen to it here, courtesy of the Seahawks own website, Lockett agrees with Pete Carroll’s earlier assessment, that the Hawks aren’t controlling the clock.

Funny how the head coach constantly says his team needs to run the ball more, or get certain players the ball more often. And yet, we get the same comments from him after every loss. Hmmm… someone should write about that.

We return to Tyler Lockett. I referred to him as the king of precision, not for his laser-cut routes or perfect technique, but for his absolutely precise dissection of the Seahawks woes. Go to 1:55 of the video, when Lockett is asked what the problem is on third down. I quote:

“I mean, like, honestly man, all these teams is not playing what they play on film. Like, they’re literally not. So, it’s hard to be able to get ready because you don’t know what you’re gonna get. Every time you go against the team, they might play all man to man, you know, their whole entire seven – eight games, and then they turn around and play us, and they don’t play man once. So it’s like, you know, when you’re looking at what teams are doing consistently, week in and week out, it’s like, nobody’s doing that against us. And so we have to be able to, like I said, I keep saying adjust, because we have to be able to understand what teams are doing. And once we finally figure out the game plan, that’s when we’re able to get things moving.”

I don’t know about you, 12s, but that seems to me that a lack of in-game adjustments is precisely what’s wrong with the Seahawks this year. At times, I’m not even certain there is a game plan, let alone any adjustments being made to it.

I think it’s quite interesting that both Carroll and Wilson intimated that Lockett is wrong about a lack of adjustments. Tyler Lockett seems to be the only member of the team who knows what’s truly going on. For that, he’s my MVP of week 11 and likely will need to be in week 12 as well. Might as well make it the season.