Seahawks have good cap room even after DK Metcalf signing

The Seattle Seahawks extended DK Metcalf last week for three years beyond 2022. Even with the new deal, Seattle has a relative lot of cap space.

As Seahawks fans all know by now, receiver DK Metcalf signed an extension with the team which will keep him in Seattle through 2025. Metcalf’s deal is for $72 million for three years of which $58,200,000 is guaranteed and Metcalf had a $30 million signing bonus. I am pretty sure Metcalf had a good dinner after signing his new contract.

The contract overall, however, works out well for the Seahawks too. While Metcalf’s cap hit goes from $4.3 million to $8,838,827 in 2022 that isn’t a crazy amount and that leaves Seattle with $13,031,951 in cap room still this offseason, per Over The Cap.

That means the Seahawks have the money to sign a remaining impact free agent, if they wanted. Players like edge rusher Jason Pierre-Paul and receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. are still available. Of course, it helps that Chris Carson retired last week and his $6 million deal for 2022 and has diminished to $1.5 million.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider works cap space to perfection with new DK Metcalf deal

Still, Metcalf’s cap hit for 2023 is only $13,720,000 and that isn’t much for a top-end receiver and allows the Seahawks to keep a bunch of its cap room next offseason. Seattle has the 6th-most cap room in 2023 even with the Metcalf signing and will have $38,747,473 currently to spend.

But Seattle has the 12th-most cap space left before Week 1 of 2022. Some teams like the Browns might look like they still have a lot of cap space but it’s a bit misleading. Cleveland is already $32 million in the negative for 2023 because of the Deshaun Watson trade. Seattle is good this year and next.

The Metcalf contract shows just how smart general manager John Schneider has been with the cap. He was able to retain a young and talented receiver who is one of the faces of the franchise but also kept open lots of cap room to add high-end talent to the team.