What we learned from the Seahawks Week 3 loss to Atlanta

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The pass rush is officially a problem, most notably, Darrell Taylor.

One of the core tenets about the Legion of Boom defense that doesn’t get talked about quite as often is that they consistently got pressure on the QB from a variety of angles. Between Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin, Clinton McDonald, and Bobby Wagner, there were any number of capable pass rushers that could be headed the QB’s way at any given time.

The current iteration of Seattle’s defense has a couple of serviceable pass rushers, but nowhere near enough to affect the QB on a consistent basis. Uchenna Nwosu has looked like the most effective rusher to this point, and he’s been reasonable.

Shelby Harris also looked pretty good before he got hit with a glute injury and has barely seen any action since the season opener. Boye Mafe has flashed as a rookie freak athlete should, but it’s not fair to expect more than flashes from him as of yet.

Aside from occasional production from those three, it has been tough, tough sledding for Seattle’s pass rush. The tackles aren’t collapsing the front of the pocket at all, and Darrell Taylor especially has been a black hole off the edge.

There were dozens of snaps on Sunday that Taylor looked like he had flatly given up on, whether it was being unable to disengage from a tackle or looking for some stunt pattern that was nowhere to be found and simply standing on the edge of the play waiting for a hole to open up.

It’s one thing for a pass rush to be ineffective, but watching Taylor meander on the margins of the play in recent weeks has been nothing short of infuriating. Something has to be done on the strong side, because this defense was supposed to be a lot better than what we’ve seen thus far.