What we learned from the Seahawks Week 3 loss to Atlanta

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The run fits aren’t just bad, they’re some of the worst we’ve ever seen.

This ties into the previous point a little bit, but the gaps in this run defense are directly proportional to the gap between this defense and a functional one. They’re wide enough to fit a train through.

Now, run fits aren’t as easy to compare 1-to-1 with the LOB because they’re tied into the formation in a way that pass rush often isn’t, but it remains true that Al Woods is, to this point, the only one consistently handling his assignment in the run game. Poona Ford is nowhere to be seen, and Bryan Mone has regressed, as well.

And similarly to the pass rush, Darrell Taylor is notably absent. The biggest gaps the Seahawks have given opponents this year have been to the edges of the formation, and the foremost reason for that is that they aren’t setting the edge well at all. Taylor and Nwosu aren’t stringing the play out, and in most plays, it seems as though the only one in pursuit is Jordyn Brooks.

It’s more than just a defensive line issue, as well. Cody Barton has been late in recognition quite a bit recently, and it’s abundantly clear at this point that this defense was meant to take advantage of Jamal Adams’ skills as a box safety. Adams playing up the way Kam Chancellor did makes a huge impact, and Josh Jones is playing way further back and with far less aggression, which is contributing to the passivity in run defense.

It doesn’t matter who at this point, but someone has to step up and start meeting opposing halfbacks at the line, or else this Seahawks defense has a chance to go down as one of the worst they’ve ever fielded. Considering we’re not even three years removed from watching half of Quinton Dunbar stand flat-footed while Stefon Diggs blew right by, that’s quite the accomplishment.