What we learned from the Seahawks Week 3 loss to Atlanta

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On a more positive note, the Seahawks appear to have nailed their OL picks.

Geno Smith has a reputation for sitting in the pocket too long every so often, dating back to his days as a New York Jet. But it’s been hard to see where that reputation comes from this year, in part because Charles Cross and Abe Lucas have looked so good in these first few games of their careers.

Getting solid production out of rookie tackles is often a big ask. Very few rookies are ever asked to anchor an offensive line the way they have, and I cannot remember the last time a team offered up both starting tackle positions to rookies. Yet, Cross and Lucas have looked every bit the part, allowing the Seahawks to give Geno Smith 44 pass attempts without hanging him out to dry. If anything, the tackles have been the best part of Seattle’s offensive line to this point, which, admittedly, hasn’t been a high bar.

If Cross and Lucas continue on this trajectory, whatever Seattle’s offense looks like in four years, it will be very, very good so long as they hold onto these two, no matter the cost.

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In summation, the Seahawks are, as of right now, a bad team. I can’t help but liken them to the Lions when Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson were carrying them to precious few wins in a division that they could easily compete in with a better defense. They have a few things figured out, but this defense needs help, and it needs it now.