Notes from the Nest: Seahawks choose not to tackle, lose in Week 5

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The bad from the Seahawks Week 5 loss

The Bad

  • Pete Carroll’s defense is failing, which in turn means Pete Carroll is failing this team. As incredible as the offense has been for much of the season, the defense has equally been disappointing.
  • The team can’t get a pass rush.

    The team can’t stop the run .

    They let Andy Dalton and Taysom Hill beat them.

    To a lot of NFL franchises, that last note is a fireable offense.

    I talked about this last week, but a team that continually fails to stop the run is an undisciplined or disengaged defense. We saw both of that on Sunday.

  • We heard the defense talk about not really preparing for a Saints Taysom Hill package. That is inexcusable. You would never hear a Bill Belichick or Sean McDermott player say that.
    Ok, so after the first few big runs and touchdowns by the Hill, you’d think there’d be some kind of adjustment? Nope
  • It truly is beyond frustrating to watch. There was a real opportunity this year for Seattle to do similar to what the Cowboys or Eagles are doing right now. If Pete and the defense could have just been middle of the road, I think Seattle could win the NFC West with this offense.

    If this defense isn’t a blatant tank job, where they didn’t foresee the offense turning into the 1999 St. Louis Rams, then you have to really question if Pete is the right guy for this team going forward.

    You simply can’t have a team with a bottom 5 defense for multiple years and a head coach who specializes in defense. This wouldn’t be allowed to continue for the majority of NFL teams, and I’m curious as to what Jody Allen thinks of her major decision so far.