Notes from the Nest: Seahawks choose not to tackle, lose in Week 5

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The ugly from the Seahawks loss in Week 5

  • The Ugly
    • I am so sorry and sad for Rashaad Penny.
    • He’s a good running back, that could have been great. He just has the absolute worst injury luck. I hope he has a healthy recovery.
    • Even if Kenneth Walker takes the starting role into next season (he will), I’d be stoked to see Rashaad back in Seattle next year.
    • The Russell Wilson watch may have reached its lowest (best for Seahawks) moment in a horrific Thursday night loss at home in overtime to the also horrific Indianapolis Colts.
    • Russell Wilson and the Broncos could only muster 9 measly points, and Wilson threw two of the worst interceptions I have ever seen him throw.
    • Reports came out this week that Russ had surgery on a slight shoulder issue and that he shouldn’t miss any time. I’ll be honest, I find the whole thing fishy. He definitely looks like he’s lost about 5% on his fastball, but the surgery just seems as much about saving face as anything.
    • Either way, at the week 5 point, the Seahawks would be looking at the 10th and 11th overall picks in the upcoming draft.
    • As ugly as the defense looked for Seattle, the NFC West may not be too far behind.
      The 49ers don’t look bad. They have the best defense in football, and if they can get anything from their offense, I think there’s a real chance we see that D take on the Bills O in the Super Bowl.
    • The LA Rams look lost on offense. Their offensive line is terrible, and Matthew Stafford looks like he is on a similar path as Russell Wilson. They do not look like a playoff team so far, and their schedule is absolutely brutal.
    • The Cardinals fought with the Eagles, but Murray did what Murray does, and the Cardinals blew a great opportunity to salvage their season.

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The Seahawks head home in a critical division battle against the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams are desperate for a win, and Seattle needs to get back to winning at home. A competent defense, and rebuilding a home-field advantage will go a long way in the Seahawks being a contender again.

Go Hawks!