Seahawks vs. Chargers Week 7: Staff predictions are almost unanimous

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The 3-3 (and first place!) Seattle Seahawks play the 4-2 Chargers (also in first place in their division) in Los Angeles in Week 7. While the Chargers had real playoff hopes entering 2022, Seattle was hoping to be decent during what the team hoped would be a quick rebuild. Los Angeles is doing about as expected but Seattle is better than 12s might have wished.

At least, so far they are. The Seahawks are a week-by-week show. One week the offense is fantastic, like against the Lions, but a couple of weeks prior against the 49ers can’t move the ball at all. And the defense? Maybe it’s changed as it was great against the Cardinals but not great against just about everyone else.

Still, one thing is as true about the 2022 version of Seattle as nearly every other Pete Carroll-coached team: It won’t quit. They might be bad at times but every football game is a showcase of how to make a fanbase’s blow pressure go higher. Being a 12 is great! It probably just isn’t good for one’s long-term health.

Seahawks Week 7: Staff predictions for Chargers game

All that said, the Seahawks have a decent chance of making a postseason run this season if the defense improves and the offense doesn’t fall off too much. The rookies are only going to get better and they are already pretty good. But Geno Smith must stay healthy as well.

Do the Seahawks get another surprise victory in Week 7? The Chargers are down a really good receiver in Keenan Allen and quarterback Justin Herbert is hobbling a bit. Seattle could take advantage.  Here is how our staff sees the game playing out.

Staff predictions Week 7

Todd Vandenberg: Seattle 29 Chargers 22

Jake Luppino: Seattle 26 Chargers 24

Andrew Bailie: Seattle 27 Chargers 26

Karley Sibert: Seattle 28 Chargers 23

Matt Holm: Chargers 20 Seattle 16

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Max Downard: Chargers 28 Seattle 24

Lee Vowell: Seattle 24 Chargers 20